Naseegh Jaffer

Naseegh Jaffer

WFFP General Secretary

I have worked with TNI since I was elected as General Secretary of the World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) in 2014.

It has been a long journey where we have ventured into new areas of the politics of oceans and fisheries, done deep analysis and co-developed a series of publications. The significance of our collaborative efforts is reflected in the work of WFFP today and in particular in the areas of Ocean Grabbing and Food Sovereignty.

Working with a strong political ally like TNI is a rare opportunity in a world where the oceans and fisheries agendas are increasingly dominated by big capital, environmental NGOs and their allies. If I look back at four years of working with TNI, it is the support of TNI comrades at our WFFP General Assembly in November 2017 that stands out.

The support not only enriched our political discussions at the assembly, it also infused energy into our movement.