Dr. David Fig

Independent researcher, Chair of the Board of Biowatch South Africa, Honorary Research Associate in the Chair of Bio-Economics at the University of Cape Town and in the Society, Work and Development Institute in the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

During 2017, David continued his work with environmentalist and local community organizations in South Africa. He worked with the African Uranium Alliance, where he continues to advocate for an end to nuclear procurement. He joined a delegation to Vietnam to advise parliament on nuclear science, and this intervention contributed to Vietnam tearing up agreements with Russia and Japan on nuclear energy.

As follow up on the Swaziland Permanent People’s Tribunal in 2016, he continues his work on extractive industries, which is made all the more pressing by the increased possibility of fracking in the delicate ecosystem of the Karoo in South Africa. David authored a “handbook on fracking”, for use by local activists.

David was regularly interviewed and filmed giving commentary and analysis on the issue of climate change in the region, particularly in light of the drought and the water shortages in Cape Town.

He has also been actively involved in conversations around food security, and particularly the use of GMOs, and fertilisers.

Davis provided research to relevant ministries in support of a sugar tax for soft drinks in South Africa, and the tax was implemented, although it now needs to be monitored.

He also continued his work with TNI’s New Politics project, and with the Rosa Luxembourg foundation.