Dr. Daniel Chavez

Research Fellow, Coordinator of TNI’s New Politics Project

Daniel coordinates TNI’s New Politics project, and continues his close collaboration with TNI’s Public Alternatives project. After the success of the resistance to the privatization of the Cali Telecom industry, he continued to be involved in network building and in the negotiations for a Public-Public partnership with Uruguay.

He carried out work on energy democracy, particularly with the Labour Energy transition group, which is a partner of TNI. His work had a specific focus on the energy transition in Uruguay, which is vastly expanding its wind power capabilities.

In March, he organized a new politics conference in Cape Town, South Africa, titled The crisis of politics/the politics of crisis. The conference aimed at exchanging ideas on collective strategies for resistance and towards the development of counter-hegemonic alternatives in light of the rise of the Right, and the growing difficulties faced by national progressive projects.

In academia, Daniel was engaged in the ongoing process to launch a masters program in Ecuador, and has continued his collaboration with the Latin American Council for Social Sciences (CLACSO) and an academic unit of the University of Buenos Aires (IEALC) to develop a new regional initiative aimed at supporting young researchers interested in producing relevant and useful knowledge for social movements and popular organisations.

Daniel maintains his attention on regional trends in Latin America, particularly on the rise of the right wing and the deradicalisation of the left. For TNI’s New Politics project, he finished a manuscript for a book on Public Enterprises in Latin America, which will be published in 2018.