Dr. Ben Hayes

Independent researcher and consultant on security policies and civil liberties

During 2017 Ben worked primarily on the (re-)development of TNI’s War and Pacification programme (previously Peace and Security). The first publication the new programme produced was a critical take on the so-called “shrinking space” phenomenon, which was co-authored by Ben and various collaborators. TNI developed the primer collaboratively through a representative international meeting held in Berlin in October 2016, and published in April 2017.

Ben continued to work on the impact of international counter-terrorism measures on fundamental rights, due process and the work of civil society organisations. In 2017, his research was commissioned by the German development organisation Bread for the World, and the Human Security Collective.

Ben also featured extensively in the 2017 documentary “Hold Your Peace”, a film by the Women Peacemakers Program, highlighting how responses to terrorism have, in practice, squeezed women’s rights organisations and their defenders between terror and counter-terror.

He also continued to work on the issue of transnational surveillance architectures and his paper Towards multilateral standards for surveillance reform, co-authored with Ian Brown, Mort Halperin, Ben Scott and Mathias Vermeulen was published in Privacy and Power: A Transatlantic Dialogue in the Shadow of the NSA-Affair, by Cambridge University Press.

The paper was later cited approvingly by the Irish High Court in its judgment in the famous Max Schrems “Europe-vs-Facebook” case.

Ben spoke at numerous conferences and events throughout the year, including 4Days4Peace in Barcelona.