Akinbode Oluwafemi

Akinbode Oluwafemi

Deputy Executive Director, Environmental Rights Action

TNI has played very crucial roles in our campaign against water privatization in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city. At various times, TNI provided technical and funding support for the campaign.

After successfully forcing the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to walk away from a secret advisory contract to privatize Lagos water, civil society and grassroots groups agreed to organise the first water summit to internationalise the Lagos water campaign and tap from the experience of global groups that also confront the water privatization monster.

TNI's technical expertise at the summit helped shape the discussions and the final outcome, which was a categorical rejection of the misleading marketing myth of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) promoted by the World Bank. TNI's intervention via recommendations on sustainable public solutions to privatization fired the passion of the hundreds of groups that participated in that meeting to secure more wins subsequently.

TNI's research formed an integral part of our key recommendations to the Lagos government on public water solutions that was captured in the report – Lagos Water Crisis: Alternative Roadmap for Water Sector. Since the report was produced in 2016 it has been used for corresponding with policy makers and other critical stakeholders.

Our work together with TNI has built the capacity of local organizations in engaging policy makers from the point of strength and in-depth knowledge of the issues.

If there is one recommendation I would suggest to TNI, it would be that it continues providing the technical and funding support that has been very critical in advancing the Lagos struggle to this point.